'WaterCredit' Turns World's Poor Into Paying Customers
By Devin Thorpe

"Water.org is leading a revolution in the provision of clean drinking water in the developing world, turning the recipients of charity into regular water customers through microloans funded by impact investments." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

WaterCredit Empowers Women
Johnson & Johnson

"Komsie walks for two hours to a dry riverbed, waits in line for two more hours and then starts digging. Once she has secured fifty pounds of water, she places it on her back and begins a two-hour walk home in the sweltering sun. To collect enough water for her family, Banu makes her 40-minute roundtrip journey to a contaminated pond two to three times each day." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

Investing to End the Global Water Crisis (eBook)

WaterEquity is raising fund to deploy to enterprises serving the water and sanitation needs of the poor. To explain about water crisis and why you should invest on institutions that help end the global water crisis, they have published an ebook about it. You can download the ebook on their website. It is free.

WaterCredit Initiative

http://static.water.org/pdfs/WaterCredit.pdf (PDF)
https://d3gxp3iknbs7bs.cloudfront.net/attachments/7e7c2d34-d51e-4132-9ae9-6c72effc0cad.pdf (PDF)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF2zhS3bvVY (video)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7sDihT7cy8 (video)
The WaterCredit Initiative is a solution created to put microfinance tools to work in the water and sanitation sector. To know how WaterCredit Initiative works you can download the free PDFs or watch their videos on YouTube.

Ensuring Access to WASH by Offering Customized Loan and Software Services supported by Water.org
"One of the major barriers to safe water and sanitation is affordable financing. In this situation, SAJIDA Foundation planned to develop and strengthen a WASH loan program in partnership with Water.org to improve access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation facilities of the targeted people." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

Financing WaterCredit to Enhance Access to Water and Sanitation For Attainment of SDGs
Water.org is encouraging people to help rural areas without clean water through their WaterCredit program. Because there are so many communities worldwide that need clean water and proper sanitation, the organization needs more funds to help these communities. If you want to read more about financing WaterCredit, download and read this article for free.

Financing Water to Improve Lives
"Five years ago, I remember the concept of "water credit" being presented to our team: water, sanitation, and hygiene loan products offered through financial institutions in developing countries." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

The Power of Water Micro-Lending as Income Enhancer
By Vedika Bhandarkar

"[Water.org] developed 'WaterCredit' to provide capacity-building grants and technical assistance to Water.org certified MFIs and SHG federations to help them create water and sanitation loan products that would serve the poor. Grants were necessary to incentivize the MFIs and SHGs to push beyond their comfort zone and try something counter-intuitive." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene (WASH) Credit (WaterCredit)
"We all know that water is an important commodity as it directly and indirectly supports life. A great percentage (75%) of the earth as well as our bodies is composed of water. By the mention of this, anyone might be tempted to ask why so many people and nations suffer because of lack of water if most of the earth consists of water." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

Water.org Philippines
Water.org is an international non-government organization with a mission of bringing water and sanitation to the world. They seek sustainable financial solutions to help empower communities that do not have access to clean water and sanitations. One of these solutions is the WaterCredit. To know more about this service, you can download and read their PDf for free.

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