Lifewater International, a non-profit organization, drills wells, supplies equipment, and trains nationals. At present, they have over 150 volunteers serving (geologists, engineers, health care professionals, scientists, and businessmen). They train nationals in developing countries with technical skills to improve their drinking water supplies. They donate equipment to the trained national crew and continue to provide technical and financial support until they are self-sufficient.

The national crews are able to share the free spiritual gift of "Living Water" with the villagers as they help provide clean water to break the cycle of disease and poverty caused by unsafe drinking water. Founded in 1979, Lifewater has completed, or is now working on, water projects in thirty countries on five continents. Our volunteers and national crews have installed over 650 successful wells and water systems that are presently serving more than 200,000 people.

National drillers in Kenya, now trained to help themselves.

A child receives safe water for the first time in his life. Maybe this will break the cycle of disease and death which has preceded him.

These Kenyan girls will get sick less often due to the new water well their village received.

Lifewater's Strategy...
LIFEWATER helps people help themselves. There are many different ways to improve rural water supplies. We look for the best approach for each location. Our most successful strategy uses a small, portable well drilling machine. We construct a 4-inch (10 cm) diameter well on which we place a hand pump. Lifewater involves the local community through a Water Committee that participates in the selection and construction of the well. The Water Committee takes ownership of the well, establishes rules for its use and performs routine maintenance. A single well typically serves 200 to 500 people.

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