Hydromissions International is currently researching and developing low-tech, low-cost hand drilling systems, water pumps, water filtration, and desalination systems to assist you in your water ministry needs. Our products are designed and built to last, but should the need arise, we offer a full line of replacement parts. At Hydromissions International, we believe in supplying you with the best products available. Hydromissions International was launched with the goal of furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide by providing clean drinking water for the needy through low-tech and/or technologically appropriate products and services.

Hydromissions is a missionary "company." We send our consultants into the field with missions teams, but we also manufacture products to help you with your own water ministry. We research and develop technologies involving water drilling, water treatment, desalination, waste management, sanitation, hygiene and other water related issues. Our products are unique because they are designed to be reproduced or repaired in whatever country you serve. There are no complicated engines or costly parts to break down, and the local people can easily learn to use and maintain the equipment themselves. In addition, our products are designed to be extremely portable, allowing you to expand your water ministry into new areas that would be difficult to reach by other methods.

Hydromissions is a great way to share the love of Christ while meeting a desperate physical need. This practical aspect of water ministry is often the passport for bringing the gospel into countries otherwise closed to traditional missionary activity. Hydromissions is committed to helping missionaries and churches establish or enhance water ministries worldwide in ways that are both cost effective and appropriate for the areas in which those ministries operate. Our desire is to be a coordinated supplement (not a replacement) for the many fine water ministries currently utilizing higher technology where appropriate.

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Hydromissions has an excellent links page to other ministries involved in water well drilling and water filtration systems.

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