Agua:yaku is an Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM) project that teaches simple, inexpensive water well drilling techniques and other appropriate technologies that improve the health, welfare, and economic production of rural farm families and communities. As Christians, we also share our faith and the message of hope and salvation found in the gospel of Christ. The name of our organization is derived from the Spanish and Quechua words for "water." The project tends to work alongside these indigenous people the most. Their mission is to provide impoverished rural families and communities with access to clean water, as well as the training and tools that will allow them to inexpensively maintain their own clean water sources. This project provides a lost-cost water well drilling solution for thousands of individuals to improve their health, welfare, and economic potential. To find out more about agua:yaku and the details of the water well drilling project, please visit their website.

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